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Backcountry Retreat

A group of women skiing in the backcountry.

Wild Strides is a collaborative
All-Inclusive backcountry
hut experience for women+.

Skis and snowboards at a backcountry hut.

community - growth - adventure

Who's this For?

* I'm in in a life transition.
* I'm looking for a fresh perspective.
* I'm seeking an adventurous community.
* I'm a professional wanting to elevate my purpose.
* I have entry level+ backcountry experience.

A group of women journaling together.
Snowboarding in Colorado's backcountry.

What's Included

* 4 days/ 3 nights accommodation.

* Wholesome Meals (will cater to dietary needs).

* Certified backcountry guides.

* Daily ski tours.

* Wellness workshop. 

* Mentorship designed to help with your transition.

Dates TBA

"Being on this retreat rewired my brain. I am welcome here. I am celebrated here."

"My life is very stimulating and I forgot what it was like to calm down and be surrounded by supportive people. "

"It was so awesome to have someone that looks like me. It showed me that I can do things."

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